How to Exercise in cold weather months

2 Tips on How to Best Exercise in cold weather months

Winter months can pose a challenge to those who want to stay in shape. Resistance training, and workout video’s can get you through those long winter months.

Sometimes winter months do not allow for us to exercise outside, depending on where you live. Youtube video’s or a Gym memberships can get you through until the summer. Often we focus on Cardio alone, but if you are a woman in her forties it is time to add resistance training to your routine.

Resistance training does more than just strengthen muscles, it can also help burn more calories over a longer period of time. Strength training/ resistance training can help to accomplish everyday tasks with ease by keeping your muscles strong, and it can make you less susceptible for Osteoporosis in your later years. If you go to the gym free weights and machines will help to achieve your strength training goals for weight loss. If you cannot go to the gym, dumb bells, and resistance bands can be simple additions that you can add to your workout routine.

When the weather is too cold outside finding a good workout video on youtube can be all you need to exercise and stay in shape until you can get back to the outdoors.

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