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  • Promotes Healthy Vision, Reading Clarity and aides in Color Perception
  • Supports Macular Health and aides Retina Defence
  • Boost Eye Immune System
  • Complete with Vitamins & Minerals

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There is no argument that protecting your eyes from harmful effects is hard. The dangers are everywhere in your daily life. Since the time you wake up, you are in a constant fight with light and other impurities. This includes light from the television, your laptop, cell phone, and even the sun. Wearing sunglasses is a temporary relief, but does not help much. Proper nutrition is the best way out. As your dietary needs are not complete in your food, you need the right partner in this struggle.

The Eye Formula Supplement

Your eyes are the first contact with the world. Arguably, it is the most sensitive and crucial sense of feeling in the body. With that in mind, FDM Health Formulations brings the Eye Formula. It is a supplement that provides you the second chance of having improved vision clarity and possibly avoid other cognitive features.

The container comes with 60 capsules. In essence, it is a month pack with a dosage of one capsule twice daily. Having the two capsules will help you benefit from vision recovery. The pack containing vitamins A, C, E, and B1, 2, 3,7, and 12 will ensure the vitality and repair of the eye cells are optimized. The other component is the mineral Calcium Carbonate.

Benefits of Using Eye Formula Supplement

The Eye Formula from FDM Health Formulations is a versatile product that meets the threshold of helping your eyesight. It is a known fact that several factors contribute to the degeneration of your eyesight. Similarly, eye problems affect people of all ages. This becomes more prevalent with aging years and unhealthy lifestyles. With the use of the Eye Formula the benefits can be seen as follows:

  • It promotes healthy vision

Eye Formula is a dietary supplement full of the antioxidant benefits of the B vitamins. The correlation between the damage of the eye nerves and vitamin B complex deficiency is high. Eye formula will help protect, repair, and help reduce the risks for the formation of cataracts on the eyes. When you have a healthy eye nerve system, your eyes will focus well. This supplement supports adequate blood flow in the eye capillaries. By using this health supplement will help reduce and maybe eliminate the possible fading of eyesight.

  • Aids in macular health

Eye Formula is a significant partner in the fight against the degenerative macular disease. This FDM dietary formula keeps the eye from allowing the growth of more destructive veins. The aging of the eyes renders them susceptible to blurring of vision. The effects are more adverse if you suffer from lifelong medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and depression.

  • Supports eye immunity

Vitamins are healthy for your eyes. As such, Eye Formula ingredients have the scientific and laboratory backing of proven results. Research shows B vitamins fight the foreign attacks on the eye tissues. Thus, your retina remains safer for years from the macular disease.

As it works on the brains, it also restores clarity on the retina. It helps you focus on things in a more elegant way than before. The supplementing of your diet is crucial for your overall eye immunity. The proper coordination of the brain affects the vitality of your eyes. This element is the basis of Eye Formula formulation.

Dosage Recommendation

The appropriate dosage of Eye Formula is two capsules daily, with a capsule in the morning and evening. For best results, it is better to take it on an empty stomach at least 20 to 30 minutes before your meals. The capsules are in cellulose covering and are suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Eye Formula from FDM Health Formulations is a potent supplement for adults. Under no circumstances should a minor use it. Pregnant women are not allowed to use it. The exception can come for lactating mothers and patients on other longtime medications. Most important, the exceptions can only be under strict medical supervision from a professional medical practitioner.


Eye problems and vision degeneration can occur at any time in life. It is fair to say, most of the sight problems come with a poor diet and unhealthy environmental factors. Therefore, for more extended, healthier eyesight, start today by adding the essential vitamins and minerals to your lifestyle.


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